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"Spend half an hour with me before you throw any more money at your project."

- Rich Konnen, Owner of Affordable Machine and Mold

Are You Underserved By Big Manufacturing Companies?

Do you miss the 1-on-1 attention to help you make decisions best for your unique needs?

Miss having access to expert advice that can save money and streamline your process?

Overlooked because you don't have enough "volume"?

Wish you had a manufacturing partner you trust is looking out for your best interests?

Frustrated that you waste money trying to meet minimum order sizes?

Tired of getting the run around because you don't spend enough money with the big guys?

Affordable Machine and Mold Works For





Toy Companies

Anything made from plastic!


A phone call with our expert team will help you analyze your current process and see how we can streamline output


We'll do an analysis of your plastic mold to ensure you're getting the best bang for your buck.


Once we determine all the right pieces are in place, we'll start production for your product.

What Makes Affordable Machine And Mold Different?


Affordable Machine and Mold is different because we're not interested in popping out jobs just to turn a profit. We're customer focused first, so if you're wasting money trying to hit minimum order sizes, we don't think that's right. We've spent years watching other companies gladly take the money of customers knowing the pieces they were producing could be made more efficiently and with better materials. When we say we have your best interest at heart, it's because we truly want you to succeed.


When you choose to work with Affordable Machine and Mold, you'll get one-on-one expert analysis of your current molding framework and recommendations on how things might work better for total output productivity. We'll sit down with you and discuss if there is a better way to design your mold for maximum efficiency to save money. Our promise is to be a partner that you can trust, no matter your volume size, and we take pride in our ability to come through for our customers.

So What Will It Cost Me?

While we can't say for sure what your prices will be - every project is different after all - we can offer you peace of mind knowing that with Affordable Machine and Mold, you're in the right hands.

The indirect costs of large minimum volumes, getting pushed to the side in favor of larger clients with bigger budgets, and working with manufacturers that simply don't care, are what we feel makes the biggest difference between us and the competition.

30 Day Money Back


If it isn't what we agreed to before
production, we'll fully refund your money.